The present Alara HRH Oba A.A Adefehinti hails from the Agbekorun Ruling house,his progenitor, Agberokun 1 was only three years old when he became Oba and till date the longest reigned Alara, he ruled for 55 years .As a true descendant , Oba Adefehinti has taken title Agberokun 2.The Ondo State Governement approved his appointment on the 25th of May  1998 ansd was traditionally installed on 17th of July 1998. On 25th July, 1998 he was presented with the instrument of appointment and staff of office by the State government at a colourful ceremony here in Ilara Mokin.

Oba Adefehinti holds a  B,sc (Hons) Degree in Accountancy from the university of Lagos.He is a fellow at the institute of Chartered accountants of Nigeria (FCA) and also a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (FCCA). Before becoming an Oba , he worked in Shell development company and later at John Holts PLC where he retired as an executive director in 1992.He was into his own private business till 1998 when he ascended the throne his four fathers.

Oba Adefehinti was President of the Egbe Omo Ilara Mokin from 1985-1989 a social-cultural organization championing the cause of and chartering a course for Ilara –Mokin . During his presidency, a lot of monumental achievements were recorded by the town .No wonder since his enthronement as Alara a lot of developments and progress have taken place. Among these are;

  • Construction of 11,5kilometres of township roads by a patriotic, philanthropic and prominent indigene of Ilara- Mokin Chief Dr Michael Ade Ojo OON.
  • Installation of a functioning Global Network masts one each by three leading telecommunications operators in Nigeria.
  • Construction of the Elizade University
  • Government presence been felt in the area of primary school education and where new classroom blocks have been put up with dilapidated ones refurbished.
  • Our people now take their spiritual wellbeing more seriously twith the increasing number of worship places.
  • Many new personal buildings has sprang up over the years , a testimony to economic wellbeing of the Ilara Mokin people home and abroad
  • Acquistion of Vast area of land by the Federal University of technology Akure (FUTA) for construction of their staff quarters.