1. Pioneering of town’s day activities in Nigeria 37th years ago with the institution of Mokin Day for fund raising. Up till date .Millions of naira had been raised and utilized for developmental programmes and projects in Ilara-Mokin.
  2. Construction of a bank in 32 days.It initially housed the United Bank for Africa (UBA).
  3. Construction of a comprehensive health care one of the best in Nigeria.
  4. Construction of police station and barracks.
  5. Construction of phases one and two of the Alara’s palace.
  6. Purchase of Peugeot of 505 Saloon Car for Alara.
  7. Preparation of a lay-out plan for the new Ilara-Mokin township.
  8. Institution of bursary /Scholarship awards for deserving Mokin Students in secondary and tertiary institutions.
  9. Annual Grant-in-aid to all primary and secondary schools in Ilara Mokin.
  10. Organizing and funding of coaching classes in primary and secondary schools.
  11. Establishment and equipment of public library.
  12. Rehabilitation, redistribution and maintenance of electricity supply.
  13. Rehabilitation and maintenance of public water supply.
  14. Sinking of boreholes and surface wells.
  15. Construction and maintenance of roads, culverts and drainages.
  16. Institution of drug revolving fund scheme in the health centre.
  17. Construction of Kolanuts stalls.
  18. Construction of motor park for commercial vehicles.
  19. Institution of Mokin Honors roll.
  20. Construction of Monday Market.
  21. Construction of a new ultra-modern palace and multi-purpose hall(on going project)
  22. Construction of a doctor’s quarters at comprehensive health centre
  23. Construction of customary and magistrate courts.
  24. Creation of Divisional Police Headquarters.