In 1975, Ilara-Mokin citizens at Ibadan organized a body of people that were meeting fortnightly in Dr RA Fakuades’s house at Onireke, Ibadan. This body of people was referred to as EGBE OMO ILARA MOKIN, Ibadan. The activities of the body were about the welfare of the Ilara-mokin and its people both home and abroad.

Early in 1979, there was an idea for a body bigger than the one in Ibadan such that it’s activities will cover both Ibadan and Mokin citizens in general. Based on the recognition of the patriotism and solidarity of the Ilara Mokin people in Ile-Ife Osun state. A decision was made to pitch the idea to them. The Egbe omo Ilara Mokin, Ibadan mandated DR. R.A Fakuade, Mr Oluyole Fadola, Late Mr Akinlolu Oluyede and others to go to Ile-Ife and discuss this new idea with our people there.

The people of Ile-Ife received the message with excitement and were advised to convey  a general meeting of Ilara Mokin people across the states.Thus, early in 1979, the  inaugural meeting took place at Ile-Ife under the leadership of Chief Ogunmusanmi Adegunlehin(of blessed memory).

In the first meeting late Chief Adegboye Bakare was appointed as the acting chairman of the body, a question was raised about the name the organization should bear, late Chief Mrs. A M Lamikanra suggested a simple name like Egbe Omo-Ilara-Mokin which was used st Ibadan already. The suggestion was accepted and it was further suggested that in the meantime, the Egbe would be meeting at Ile Ife for purposes of general acceptance of the Egbe.

Chief Gboye Bakare was formally elected as the President and Mr. Oluyole Fadola was appointed as the first general Secretary of the Egbe. Dr R.A Fakuade ,Pa Ogunmusanmi Adegulehin and Chief J.O Fakaiyejo were named as life patrons of the Egbe.

This is a brief account of how the Egbe came into existence through the instrumentality of the people at Ibadan and has been watered and nourished by the people at Ile Ife.