The general meeting  of Egbe Omo Ilara Mokin held on March 8th 1989 in the historic city of Ile Ife saw the election of the third officers of the Egbe. The following were elected.

  1. President (elected un-opposed) –   MR M ADEOJO
  2. Vice president- MR J A JOLADE
  3. General Secretary- MR OLUYOLE FADOLA
  4. National Secretary MR AYODELE FADOLA
  5. Assistant Secretary- MR BUSAYO OGUNDARI
  7. Financial secretary MR ORE OJOPAGOGO
  8. Publicity secretary MR BIDOUN OJUPE
  9. Social Secretary MR GABRIEL ADEGBENRO
  10. Cultural Secretary MR AKIN FALADE
  11. Legal Adviser MR SOLA OLATUNBOSUN
  12. Ex- Offico Member MR A ADEREMI ADEFEHINTI
  13. Ex- Offico Member MR R AGBOOLA
  14. Ex- Offico Member MR JOHN A AJAYI
  15. Ex- Offico Member MR DAPO A FALODUN
  17. Auditor  MR TOLU OLONIYO

The team started off on high, enthusiastic and promising note characteristics of Mokins in any endeavor.


  1. Bursary awards to some students in mokin origin starting with a law student of the University of Ife Mr Raheem Babatunde Gbadamosi, this was later extended to cover his one year at the Nigerian Law School.
  2. The constitution of education endowment fund committee with the president Chief Adeojo as chairman.
  3. Institutionalization of the third Saturday in the November of every year as The Mokin Day.
  4. Origination of registration of elegbejegbe and clubs for Mokin day celebrations, some funds were generated from the exercise.
  5. Establishment of the Mokin Community Bank
  6. Continuation of work on the Palace Project, funds was raised to equip the first phase.
  7. The administration was a part of the success story of the Mokin house in Ile Ife Branch. They raised funds on the 8th of April 1989, The House has since been completed, it serves as a venue for the Egbes three general meetings yearly at Ile Ife.
  8. Championing the agitation for the return of the headquarters of the Ifedore Local government back to Ilara Mokin after it was callously relocated to Igbara Oke in October 1991.


This regime with its potentials faced a lot of challenges which made a nonsense of the potential’s;

  1. The first Acid test or what one can refer to as baptism of fire was the fire incident in Mr John Ajayis house on 14th July 1989, he suspected some Mokins behind the outbreak and this led to an antagonizing rift. This was later resolved.
  2. The Egbe had to contend with the Babangida regime after the relocated the Headquarters of Ifedore Local Government Area Ilara Mokin to Igbara Oke on the 5th October 1991, five days before the initial announcement by the Federal Government.

The struggle to move back the Headquarters to Ilara Mokin took a centre stage of the administration. It started having announced the Ilara Mokin as the headquarters of the local government, after which the federal government came out with a gazette changing the headquarters back to Igbara Oke. The protest was very spontaneous.

The Local government council was created from the former idanre/ifedore local government in 1991 by the administration of General Banbagida. This announcements was made naming Ifedore as headquarters. Moriwo was the defunct headquarters of the Ifedore Local Area Council in the 1950s and early 1960s. few days after the announcement , the then governor of Ondo State Navy Captain Abidoun Olukoya announced the relocation of the local government  to Ilara Mokin based on what her termed as order from the Presidency. However this was changed and the struggle started.

All the Obas and Chief of the 12 towns of the 13 towns constituting the Ifedore Local Government came to Lagos to address a press conference on their displeasure of the relocation, The support given by the towns and villages was total and encouraging. There were several meetings at the residence of Major General S K Omojokun, key people at such meetings were Chief Ade Ojo and Dr I A Odeyemi, Mr Aderemi Adefehinti, Mr Oluyole Fadola,Dr Ayo Ojo,Mr Bidoun Faluyi, Mr Ayo Fadola, Late Mr Titus Odeyemi, Mr Kayode Adedun and Mr Bidoun Fadola etc.  Visits and contacts were made to several highly placed people in the country. The agitation did not yield the desired result, it served as one of the unifying factors for the Egbe and all Mokins. While trying to get out problems engendered by the relocation of the council headquarters, there surfaced again in1993 another controversy on the choice of a candidate for of Mokin Origins for the vacant ifedore chairmanship position, the choice was handled badly and the candidate lost an election which he could have won easily if he was the people’s choice and not imposed. He lost at both ballot and judiciary.

As if the Loss wasn’t enough , a group of some Lagos based Mokin youths known as the Forum of Concerned Mokins resented the way the Mokin candidate emerged in the first instance and secondly the loss of chairmanship election. They withdrew their services from the Egbe for a while. This had some devastating effects on the activities of the Egbe and invariably Ilara Mokin. Thank God for the intervention of some well-meaning Mokins who convened series of fence mending meetings in Lagos and Ilara Mokin. They succeeded in bringing the protesting youths back on board.

In history, people with potentials who are placed in positions of authority are known to have been faced with problems that are not of their own making to the extent that their achievements are completely subsumed under the heavy weight of the problems. That was the lot of 1989-1994 Executive Council of the Egbe. The relocation of the Ifedore Local Government Council Headquarters was the most ominous. It resulted in apathy as the psyche of our people was badly damaged to the extent that they refused and indeed failed to attend meetings convened to discuss progress.